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P & O Meets Mickey Mouse

It’s not every day you get the chance to walk the coastal route from Folkestone to Dover. Leaving Folkestone harbour it’s a very steep climb to reach the top of the cliffs 1640 meters above sea level. At times you think you are never to get there, but it’s worth the effort when you reach the top.

In the 1960s and 70s, Folkestone was a thriving ferry port operating the Folkestone to Calais, Boulogne, and Ostend services by 1972 a roll on roll off ramp was built, and over 1,250,000 passengers, almost 1,000,000 cars and

35,00 commercial and freight vehicles used the service.

In 2001 all ferry services stopped at the same time as the fishing industry was going through various changes and by now only 10 boats with 30 men were employed in the fishing industry and Folkestone went into steep decline.

Thankfully Folkestone is now seeing something of a revival with the harbour arm having been developed after the clearing away of all dilapidated buildings. There is also a thriving artist community and wherever you go around town you come across interesting works of art. Even these beach huts have been given the artistic treatment.

Creative Folkestone Artworks

Christina Inglesias

Towards The Sound Of Wilderness


It’s a good old walk from Folkestone to Dover but there are some hidden gems along the way coming round a corner from a caravan site and you will suddenly find yourself on the grounds of the Battle of Britain Memorial there is a stunning stainless steel replica of a Downed Junkers JU 87 B STUKA aircraft. If you were a Flying Ace rather than a Seadog, I’m sure you would know what this is! Next, inspect the roll of honour of those that lost their lives. It is an interesting site in a beautiful location and was time to stop and reflect.

The Port of Dover is a cross-channel ferry, cruise terminal, and marina. It is the nearest English port to France at just 21 miles distance and one of the world's busiest maritime passenger ports with 11.7 million passengers 2.6 million lorries 80,000 coaches passing through the ports in 2017.

It is here that P&O passenger ferries are based. Standing on the cliff you can watch them come and go at regular intervals, the amount of commercial vehicles passing through the port is amazing.

P & O Ferry

"Spirit of Britain"

The Disney Magic cruise ship has spent the best part of this year mood in Dover and looks to remain there until late summer when it is hoped the cruising aboard her will recommence offering 2,3,4 day Staycations sailing off the UK coast.

Disney Magic was the first cruise ship launched by the world-famous company in the late 90s and was set to tour Europe this year. Back in October 2020, Disney Wonder was also in Dover but she is now across the Atlantic and is sitting off the coast of Florida near Orlando.

Disney Magic normally carries around 1750 passengers but has a maximum capacity of 2713 with 945 crew.

As we descended from Shakespeare Cliff we witnessed P&O “Spirit of Britain” passenger ferry pulling out of the harbour and sailing past Disney Magic on her way to France


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