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Silver Seas - Service Almost Perfect

Silver Spirit in Southampton awaiting her first cruise after lockdown

Photo by kind permission of P Massey.

The new grey livery changes colour with the weather. Yesterday in the overcast conditions it was grey-green. Today in the sunlight defiantly light grey.

Of course, being on a cruise means food, food, and more food, well at least that is what it felt like. Our first day was spent at sea. Originally we should have visited France, but the regulations concerning covid and quarantine dictated that it was best to stick entirely to UK ports of call. Accordingly, our first day was spent at sea. We were making our way very slowly at 6 knots to our first port which was to be Falmouth in Cornwall.

Sadly the weather was very overcast and not conducive to sitting on deck. However being British we sat it out, we finally moved to the covered side deck that had overhead heating. Other hardy souls also sat it out covered In towels and blankets.The coolness on deck was compensated for by the warmth if the crew onboard,who without exception have been warm friendly, and welcoming. Nothing is too much trouble and everything runs like clockwork




It was a formal night on board and was the Captain's Welcome Party. This was the first time I have attended a Captain's cocktail party in over forty-five years and on this occasion as a passenger and not as a ship's officer. As you would expect things have changed a little in that time span. On entering the lounge the first major difference was that guests were seated and were not mingling, of course, covid does not help the situation, even though moving around masks were worn. As an officer in the mid-1970’s we attended Captains cocktails and were expected to move around and mingle with guests. Although there were senior officers in the room they were all in one group at the back waiting to be introduced and did not mingle.

We did notice that some of the entertainers were in evening dress without name tags on this occasion and were mingling. Jonathan one of the Silver Seas Singers who we had met on the first evening came over. He is on his first contract with Silver Seas. He was charming and made certain that we knew about the show that was to take place later in the evening.

For the first time since we boarded the ship things had a slight hiccup. At the end of the cocktail party, the majority of guests headed for the main restaurant,. Although there were eight others restaurants to choose from. To say they were slammed was an understatement and the standard of service slipped for the first time since boarding. It was evident that crew from other restaurants were called upon to help out and were unsure of the menu and the operation of the restaurant. Unlike the service, we had received the first night in one of the other restaurants. After all this is the first cruise back after 18 months of lockdown and some slip-ups are to be expected.

From Top to Tail looking down the grand stairwell. Nine Decks from the sundeck to the restaurant.

On a smaller ship like Silver Spirit, we had not expected big production shows, however we were delighted by our first show in the Ship’s Theatre. Because of covid, there are no guest entertainers onboard, however, what we have is the Silver Seas Singers, a group of three girls and three guys that put on an excellent show. Great voices, great choreography, good lighting, and so many costume changes.

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1 Comment

Jamie, The Purser
Jamie, The Purser
Sep 07, 2021

Well hello sailor, good to read your latest report on Silver Spirit.

To be honest, her new livery does not improve her image, think she looks more sleek being white, there must be good reason for the change, but cannot imagine the reason.

The level of service is to be expected, I had chinese friend who was butler with Silversea and he said each guest was treated as Royality, he responded instantly for their every Beck and Call, 24 hours a day. To him, it was worth giving 100% as the rewards were magnificent, he served 9 months on the ship before returning to China, a relatively rich man.

After 18 months out of service, and crew lacking training and…

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