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Not Scuppered - Yours for $5m

Teraaka - Now Known at Rose is buoyant and could be yours for the princely sum of $5m

Last week I was convinced that “Teraaka” the Martine Traning School ship from the Gilbert and Ellice isles had been scuppered and was resting somewhere at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

I learned how wrong l was following messages from fellow Seadogs following my blog.

Teraaka as Tarawa Marine School Training Ship

John Martin went on to tell me that the time spend laid up in Hong Kong was not the end of the mechanical problems that “Teraaka” faced.

Teraaka went to Suva in 1976 for maintenance, Our Scottish 2nd, Engineer from the previous story, now as Chief, told Tarawa that she needed NEW generators as it was likely that the ship would lose power on her inter-island travels. The Captain Superintendent said to bring the ship back. Surely he could guarantee a safe arrival back to Tarawa. Alistair said he couldn't guarantee the generators for another week. We were 'laid up' in Suva for thirteen weeks while generators were shipped from New Zealand and fitted. The cost of having the crew and trainees living ashore for nine of those weeks and those of us that had families that were residing in apartments for nearly another four weeks ...must have cost a 'pretty packet' apart from the cost of new generators and being up on a slipway for most of that time.

At the end of her time at the Marine Training Centre, Teraaka was laid up in 1981 at a bouy in Tarawa Lagoon. It is then believed that she was sold to an American for conversion into a mini cruise ship for diving, at which time a stern platform was added. The lifeboats appear to have disappeared and she now has life racks on top of what was once the bar according to John Martin

Tito's Presidential Yacht - Galeb (The Seagull)

There is some discussion as to whether Teraaka was used by Marshal Tito, Tito had his official Presidential Yacht – Galeb (The Seagull), this yacht used by Tito from 1948 to his death in 1980 now sits rotting in Rijeka with plans that it may be turned into a museum Funding of EUR 4.5 million was secured as part of Rijeka's successful bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2020. The work was expected to be done by mid-2021. But guess we are still waiting for work to begin.

It is also thought that Tito had a number of smaller private yachts. In the sale details of Teraaka now known as “Rose” it states that

1961 Custom Titovo Brodogradiliste Motor Yacht.

A beautiful, former presidential yacht, built in Europe with old-world charm and elegance. Completely refit and ready to go global with your lucky entourage or discerning charter guests. Some confusion may have risen here by the fact that the Terakka was built by Brodogradiliste Titovo at their Kraljevica shipyard in the former Yugoslavia. Sometimes called Tito's Shipyard - whether it was or not, is open to discussion.

Motor Yacht Učka - Photograph by kind permission of Pam Massey

On a recent visit to Split, ship photographer Pam Massey spotted a yacht “Učka” who I believe belongs to the Croatian Navy and whos hull was painted a similar colour to Teraaka/Rose. Pam is not sure that there is any connection but finds it interesting that Rose is also the name of a place in Croatia, at the entrance to the Kotor fjord, The Učka is a mountain range in western Croatia.

Učka was flying the Croatian flag

If you know of any connection between Teraaka/Rose and Učka.

Pam and Salty Seadog would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile Teraaka /Rose as languished in Ensenada, Mexico looking pretty and well maintained, but going nowhere.

According to a survey carried out in 2012 by Christian & Co. San Diego,

The vessel is a steel motor vessel reportedly built in Kraljeviei, Yugoslavia for President Tito as his private yacht. (Again Disputed). The vessel is currently equipped with the original directed drive diesel engine. The vessel was reportedly purchased by the British government and used as a training ship until 1980. It is reported that the main engine, shaft and bearings were overhauled at that time in Singapore. The vessel reportedly passed out of class (Bureau Veritas) in 1983 and was sold.

Subsequently, the vessel was seized by the US Marshalls and the client purchased the vessel in 1992. The vessel was delivered from Seattle to Ensenada, Mexico following purchase and the vessel has remained in Ensenada since then. The client has reconfigured the interior and, over twenty years, has accomplished most of a “refit”. The vessel is currently laid out as a passenger vessel. All cabins include en-suite heads. The layout is typical of small passenger vessels with separate crew quarters, galley and dining areas. The layout includes two saloons with bars, a passenger dining area, dance floor, an incidental shop and a beauty saloen-suite. There are officers' quarter's aft of the pilothouse, a penthouse suite aft of the officers’ quarters and a purser’s office.

The vessel is basically structurally sound. The engine is a direct drive, with no transmission, this will create operational challenges, specifically docking and undocking. The significant tankage allows for great range. The vessel is not currently suitable for use but upon completion of the electrical projects underway, recommendations and successful sea trials, the vessel should be suitable as a passenger carrying vessel.

The vessel has been in the state of restoration since the current owner purchased the vessel in 1992. The vessel has not left the harbour of Ensenada, Mexico since it arrived there in 1992. The client has a crew of four attend to the vessel, including an engineer and a carpenter. The client attends the vessel regularly and stays aboard the vessel during the visits.

It appears that the mechanical problems from her Marine Training Centre days in the Ellice Isles are almost behind her, but while she sits in Ensenade looking pretty she is going nowhere.

Not even the Russian Oligarchs are interested.


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Jamie, The Purser
Jamie, The Purser
05 sept 2022

Interesting history of this veteran ship. now 55 years old. According to this report, she has been remodelled, refurbished and mechanically sound but with limitations, requires new electrical systems, but worth completing to operate as small coastal cruising vessel. Having had long and interesting career. she could have another successful life on west coast of USA and Mexico, or ideal as small vessel to visit Alaskan fiords.

Me gusta
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