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DOES SIZE MATTER - The World's Largest Container Ship Arrives in the UK

EVERGREEN - "EVER ACE" - The world's largest container ship

This week we heard that the largest container ship in the world arrived in the United Kingdom. The vessel “Ever Ace” was built in 2021 and weighs in at a massive 235579 gross tonnage and is currently the largest container ship in the world. With a length of 400 m, a width of 61.5 m and a maximum draught of 16 m. The "Ever Ace" set a record for the amount of 20-foot standard containers (TEU) transported on its way from Asia to Europe. It is believed to have transported a total of 21,718 20-foot standard containers (TEU).

Although too large for the Panama Canal she can of course transit the Suez Canal. You will remember her stable mate the "Ever Given" was not so lucky transiting the canal and left the canal blocked for 106 days after allegedly being caught by a strong wind that caused the hull to deviate, then hitting the bottom and ran aground.

Captain Yang - Master of "EVER ACE" - Commends the Suez Canal Authority

The Ever Ace first transited the Suez Canal on 28th August 2021 en route from Asia to Europe. About 15% of world shipping traffic transits the Suez Canal, the shortest shipping route between Europe and Asia.

Last Sunday morning, the vessel arrived at the busiest and biggest container port in the UK, Felixstowe, Suffolk. She is believed to have unloaded 3267 containers and loaded 2300 more before setting sail for Hamburg having arrived from Rotterdam.

The vessel is operated by Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation.

Global Dream - 70%-80% complete

Up for Grabs - Make an Offer

Sometimes size matters and sometimes it can be a definite disadvantage as was also revealed last week. An unfinished mega-liner that was to be one of the world’s biggest cruise ships by capacity is sitting in a German shipyard, waiting to be scrapped, because bankruptcy administrators can’t find a buyer. The lower hull of a liner known as "Global Dream II," the second global class vessel from insolvent MV Werften shipyard on Germany’s Baltic coast, is to be disposed of at scrap price, machinery and much of the equipment, which had already been delivered, is also to be sold.

Genting Hong Kong a global entertainment, hospitality, and leisure company based in Hong Kong, ordered two cruise vessels to be custom-built to serve the Asian market, specifically China. "Global Dream" a 342-meter liner is designed to carry 9,500 passengers, was heralded as ushering in a new era of mega-ships that could tap Asia’s growing cruising market. However sh** hit the proverbial fan along with the financial woes of Genting Hong Kong and the insolvency of MV Werften shipyard in Germany.

"Global Dream" is believed to be 70-80% complete and is seeking a buyer. Stena was interested but their deal collapsed. MSC are also believed to be interested.

Meanwhile, "Global Dream II" still only a lower hull may go to scrap.

Global Dream II sits unloved and very much unfinished at MV Werftan shipyard in Germany. Only the lower hull area is complete. MV Werften’s Wismar shipyard was sold to Thyssenkrupp AG’s Kiel-based naval unit, which plans to build military vessels there from 2024 amid rising tensions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems wants the large dock to be available by the end of 2023. So the insolvency administrator Christoph Morgen now plans to sell off the unfinished hull for scrap and sell off the machinery and equipment already delivered to the shipyard.


For me small has always been beautiful. I was lucky to sail on the Inaugural cruise of P&O/Princess Cruises Island Princess back in 1974 and compare her size to the Mega Cruise ships of today.

Here I compare the size of "Island Princess" which l sailed on in 1974 with the largest cruise liner in the world “Wonder of the Seas” and "Global Dream" the largest cruise ship by capacity but currently unfinished and up for sale.

Island Princess

Wonder of the Seas

​Global Dream Yet to sail

Ratio IP to GD

Gross Tonnage






550 ft

1187 ft



Pax Decks



19 *












Pax/Crew Ratio




* not sure if this is total decks or passenger decks the ship is not yet complete


SINCE THE 1970'S the size of cruise ships has doubled every decade.

For me "Small is Beautiful" but "Size Matters" to some, the choice is yours!


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