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How do you run away to sea for the next three years? This is the latest offering from Life at Sea Cruises, owned by Miray Cruises. Work, rest and play as you cruise around the world for the next three years covering over 130,000 miles across 7 continents and 135 countries.

Prices start from $29,000 per year, but you must book the whole three years. Bear in mind this is for an inside cabin. I’m not sure I could spend 3 years in a 130 sq. ft. Inside cabin.

MV Gemini - Balcony Suite

It might be different in a suite cabin with balcony at 210 sq. feet at $109,999 per year.

Gemini started life in 1992 as Crown Jewel for the Crown Cruise Line. The following year Cunard signed a deal to handle marketing, sales and reservations for Crown Cruise Line, and the vessel was renamed Cunard Crown Jewel. Two years later in 1995 she was sold to Star Cruises and renamed Superstar Gemini in February 1997 she suffered and engine room fire.

At 19000 GT she has around 400 passenger cabins and a capacity of 1074 passengers. Around the same size at the original Princess ships, Island Princess and Pacific Princess (The Love Boat).

Sister Ships - Fred Olsen Braemar and mv Gemini docked in London where they were used to House Security for the 2012 Olympic Games

She continues to sail under various owners and charters in various parts of the world. During the London Olympics, she was based in The Albert Docks in London and was used as temporary accommodation for G4S games security staff. She went on to be charted by Petrofac to house around 400 oil workers completing a gas plant. She then went off to the shipyards of Turkey for drydock and refitting to commence her life once again as a cruise ship, this time for Celestyal Cruises of Cyprus and was renamed Celestyal Nefeli.

In 2017 she was chartered by FEMA to host an emergency response crew responding to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Following this she returned to Turkey cruising between Turkey and Greece

Celestyal Nefeli. (Gemini) docked in St Thomas Virgin Islands. FEMA CHARTER


Earlier this year when the catastrophic earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, she was chartered to house the homeless from the Haray region, mostly the elderly, sick, pregnant and families with small children who, for now, calls the ship their home.

I guess this charter is soon coming to an end and once again the ship is going to be refitted. To provide public spaces redesigned for a long-term residence and luxurious feel. A state-of-the-Art Spa and wellness centre is being added. And the hospital onboard will be free to the residents. International cuisine and beverages onboard will offer a range of dining options Friends and family will be allowed to visit free of charge.

Gemini will have a business centre, with workspaces, meeting rooms, printing capabilities and a professional library. Starlink internet will be available free of charge. This is surely a big move forward for cruise ships. I recently experienced Starlink on Azamara Onward and without doubt it was a big step up from the normal cruise ship internet service.

When you check out the “Life at Sea Cruises” website most of the images are computer generated and with a sailing date of 1st November they have a lot of work to do to fulfil their promises.

Leaving from Istanbul on November 1 of this year, the three-year schedule includes stops at 375 ports and 175 countries, with visits to iconic architectural sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China, and Machu Pichu. “The MV Gemini is designed to be the embodiment of living where you vacation.

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Jamie, The Purser
Jamie, The Purser
13 de mar. de 2023

Excellent article about MV Gemini, she was a beautiful small cruise ship, and the Jewel of the Cunard Line for just a few years. I joined her in Singapore in April 1996, when she was relatively new, and can vouch for her beautiful suites and public areas. Was not aware of her fire in 1997, but she sailed on with Star Cruises till 2008. I sailed on her for two other cruises including a 7 night trip which included both East Coast and West Coast on the Malaysian Peninsular to destinations in Southern Thailand. The Star Cruises product was very good middle of the road, style cruises which attracted many overseas cruisers from UK, Aust, USA & NZ, and being…

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